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Olympus Bar
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angry lights
John threw a towel, starting himself as it shattered a glass. He sighed and crouched to clean the mess, leaving the bar-front seemingly unattended.
action - sad
It was Jennifer's night to run the bar, and it was quiet. Only a couple of people were there, having drinks while they played pool. She sat alone at the end of the bar with a half filled glass of amber liquid, filled from the bottle of Wallace her father had sent her. Bringing the glass to her lips she let the sweet liquid pass her lips and into her mouth. She wasn't really a drinker but somedays' she couldn't help it.
John couldn't get the time off, and to be honest, doesn't really want it. So after more-or-less informing his surrogate sister they're working the bar tonight, he's already taking a break with a G&T, laughing jovially in her presence. He feels posh, and rich, sitting there with her, one ankle crossed over the other. And it's like a little bit of himself slotting into place.

[ this is completely open to everyone on Atlantis and will probably span the time Peps is here (for a few days or so). typical two mun style, so basically, crack ]
John stumbles in, really really wishing he had made the kid take over his shift tonight. The kid being Brian Collie. He beelines for the bar, but doesn't get himself a drink. Instead, just pours himself a tonic and drops some ice in, staring at the back wall.

If no one came in an hour, he was out of here.
action - sad
Sitting at the bar she picks the label off of her bottle of beer. Sometimes she wondered if she was too smart for her own good, maybe even too caring. Puffing out her cheeks she watched as the paper flaked off of her fingers and came to rest on the wooden surface below.

Maybe if she drank she wouldn't let her brain over process the information she'd just worked out.
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